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Kotodamaya.com has provided the beta version of the face-in-the-hole board photo Gallery.

Face-in-the-hole board called Kaohame board in Japanese can be seen at many touristic spots. Kotodamaya has collected those photos from travelers for our gallery. The wonderful reasons of the face-in-the-hole photo are that all 3S (Smile/Scene/Satisfaction) are included on it.

Some of you maybe have taken even one face-in-the-hole photo at a scenic spot and it has only been saved on your PC or other services like flickr.

If you have this kind of photo, why don’t you send it to us and share your excitements?

  • We won’t use your photos for any purpose excepting for the Face-in-the-hole gallery and its page.
  • To define its location, please describe where you took a photo.

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